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Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves


Our range covers contemporary and traditional models suitable for almost any home. The only constraint is likely to be your imagination, as our range caters to all budgets

Log Burner Range

Dedicated to providing wood burning stoves in a variety of styles to suit all tastes and budgets, look no further than The Fireplace Warehouse for your home’s perfect log burner. Our wood burning stoves are created with efficiency and quality in mind - guaranteed to be a warm and welcoming addition to your home.

When you invest in a log burner, you’re not only investing in saving money on electricity and gas bills, but also add

As a leading British log burner stockist, The Fireplace Warehouse provides a range of modern and traditional wood burning stoves, including brands such as Jotul, Stovax, Huntingdon and more!

Browse The Fireplace Warehouse wood burning stove range below.

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  1. Rocal Giselle 90 Wood Burning Stove
  2. PureVision PV5-2 HD Active baffle high definition stove
  3. PureVision PVR Cylinder Stove
  4. Penman Panamera Multifuel Stove
  5. Dovre 250 multifuel stove
  6. Rocal Gala wood burning stove
  7. PureVision PV5W-2 Active baffle Wide HD high definition stove
  8. PureVision PV85-2 HD Active baffle high definition stove
  9. Penman Bassington Multifuel Stove
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If you have ever considered buying a wood burning stove, come and talk to our specialist team on 0844 334 9655 and we will be able to advise you on the right style and model for you.

Our trained and experienced team are happy to help with any questions you may have about wood burners, whether this is about the look and feel of the stove, the operation, or technical questions regarding heat output and efficiency. Our whole range bears the CE mark to show it meets European safety standards.


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  1. Do wood burning stoves save money?

    1. There are some great benefits of heating your home with a wood burning stove, not least the aesthetics. Log burners are a very cost-effective way of warming a room. They are more efficient than an open fire, with some research putting them at up to four times more efficient. They are also easier to clean because more of the fuel is burned and contained within the unit.

  2. How much does it cost to put in a wood burning stove?

    1. Every installation project is different. However, The Fireplace Warehouse can provide an in-house installation service for your wood-burning stove, no matter how complicated the job. The flexibility of design these days means there are many ways and options for installing a fantastic log burner stove. Wood burners can also be linked to your central heating system, including underfloor heating.

  3. Are wood-burning stoves good for the environment?

    1. One of the questions we are asked a lot is about the environmental impact of wood burning stoves. We are pleased to be able to explain that they are a carbon-neutral source of heat - carbon in the form of soot from the smoke emitted is offset by the carbon that was used while the tree was growing, making it a cyclical, neutral process.
      Coal has a bigger impact on the environment; however, your fuel source will depend on what is available locally and the stove you have chosen. Log burners obviously need a regular source of wood, which can take a lot of space to store; therefore, a multi-fuel stove might suit you better, as other fuels can take up less space. If you know you will only ever burn wood, log burners are probably the best choice; alternatively, if you are not sure or you know there will be different fuel sources, check out the multi-fuel range. Many retailers will have wood for sale and, in some instances, you might be able to collect your own. The important thing is to make sure the wood is dry enough, as damper wood will reduce your heat output.

  4. Are log burners being banned in the UK?

    1. Whilst wood-burning stoves and fires are not illegal to own in the UK, the government have recently announced that they are rolling out a ban on the selling of house coal and wet wood, two of the most polluting fuel sources for stoves and fires.
      This means that you will no longer be able to buy these fuel sources from stores, but you can source your own wood via local firewood distributors, and you can also provide your own wood.

  5. What is the most popular wood-burning stove?

    1. One of our best-selling wood-burning stoves is the Esse 1SE, providing wood-burning and multi-fuel options whilst maintaining an authentic look.
      For your garden, the Legend Garden Cube is the outdoor wood-burning stove of choice here at The Fireplace Warehouse. With glass sides all around, the whole family can enjoy huddling around the warm glow in the chilly winter months.

  6. Which is the best wood-burning stove?

    1. Like lots of things, there is no one ‘best’ option for a wood-burning stove. Everyone has different wants and requirements. It’s best to browse our selection of wood-burning stoves on this page to see what best suits you and your home.
      That being said, some of the best and most popular wood-burning stoves on offer here at The Fireplace Warehouse include highly reputable brands like

  7. Does a log burner add value to your house?

    1. Yes. According to statistics, wood-burning stoves can add value to your home, up to 5% value, in fact. The reason for this is simple, wood-burning stoves are a hot item (pun intended!).
      Not only do wood-burning stoves provide a cheap and efficient way of warming your home, but they are also oftentimes carbon neutral, making them much better for the environment than other alternatives. All of these factors increase the appeal of your home, and therefore its value. If sustainability is a must, then take a look at our range of Eco Design Ready Stoves.

  8. Can a log burner heat a whole house?

    1. If used correctly, a wood-burning stove can heat more than just the room it sits in. Of course, there are lots of things to take into account, like the size of your home, the installation method of the stove, the effectiveness of the wood that you use and other factors.
      To properly answer the question, it’s possible, but some research is required into the factors mentioned above to see if the wood-burning stove that you want will do the job. You want to focus on the following factors:
      - Choosing A Powerful Enough Stove for the Space That Needs Heating
      - Optimal Position to ensure heating is distributed evenly in your home
      - Learn about how to best start a fire and keep it going with the right setup and type of wood used.

  9. Can I fit a log burner myself?

    1. Yes, but we would recommend seeking professional help in doing so. The reason for this is that, if installed incorrectly, a wood-burning stove can present a great risk to your home, not just in terms of fire safety, but in improper venting too. If the smoke is not being exhausted correctly then it can pose serious health risks to your health.
      When you purchase a log-burning stove from The Fireplace Warehouse, we send our fully certified fitters to install it for you and provide guidance and tips.

  10. Do you need permission to install a wood-burning stove?

    1. Although it’s not illegal to install a wood-burning stove and you do not require permission to do so, it is a legal requirement to inform your local authority building control department of the changes that you plan to make.

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