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Enjoy the outdoors earlier this year with a wood burning stove

As we slowly head out of winter and into the beginnings of spring, our thoughts naturally turn towards summer with its long, warm days and light evenings. While it will be a while longer before we can enjoy a constant supply of hot weather and blazing sunshine, it is never too early to start making the most of our gardens and patios. If you love spending time outdoors but venture out less than you would like because of low temperatures, why not consider a wood burner?

Options for heating your garden

There are so many different ways of heating your patio these days that there is something for just about every taste and budget, but wood burners are often overlooked. Another option is, of course, the traditional chimenea or fire pit. While these are undoubtedly attractive - and usually affordable - options, you might find they do not provide enough heat during cold spells. Patio heaters have become increasingly popular in the past couple of decades, but they are not to everyone's taste. If you want reliable, efficient heat but don't want a traditional patio heater, an attractive wood burner could be the perfect solution.

Advantages of an outdoor wood burner

While we have all seen the generic patio heaters, which are often large, cumbersome and not entirely attractive in appearance, relatively few people think of placing a wood burner in their gardens. One of the big plus points of a wood burner is that they are generally more attractive to look at that patio heaters, even when they are not in use. This means you do not need to worry about adding a potential eyesore to your garden. Wood burners are also extremely efficient and supply far more heat than a chimenea or fire pit. If you have a wood burner in your home, or you know someone who has, you will be aware that the level of heat they provide can be intense. Think how much cosier it will be sitting out under the stars with the warmth of a wood burning stove!

Our outdoor wood burners are fully controllable and offer excellent heating performance. Perfect for use in the depths of winter or those cooler nights during the rest of the year, you will be amazed how much more time you spend outdoors with a wood burner. Why not embrace the outdoors like the northern Europeans do and make the most of your garden, yard or patio all year round?

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