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Purevision Stoves

Purevision wood burning and muti fuel stoves are designed with one main focus: to give you a complete view of the fire burning within. It’s for this reason they developed Purevision technology - HD technology that gives you a stunning view of the flame, be it an inset fireplace, cylinder stove or a traditional-style woodburner.

A Brand with Fire Lovers in Mind

The Purevision brand produces some of the popular wood burning fires and stoves on the market. Purevision stoves are built with fire lovers in mind. There is something heartwarming about a fire, something that electric stoves or gas fires simply can’t replace - though modern technology means they are much more effective at replicating a real fire than in the last.

Still, there’s nothing quite like a real fire. The movement of the flames is hypnotic, the colours captivating. Purevision knows this, which is why their wood burning fireplaces and stoves are built to maximise the effect of the flame, giving you all the benefits of a fire without the smoke and inefficiency. While traditional fires lost around 90% of their heat up the chimney, Purevision fires don’t even require the presence of a chimney. Purevision wood burning stoves and fireplaces can be installed in any home, including flats and apartments.

The PureVision Range Is EcoDesign Ready

Their designs are Ecodesign Ready - resulting in better efficiency, less wasted fuel and a reduced impact on the environment. New UK legislation coming into force in May 2021 will introduce restrictions on the burning of wet wood and coal, so if you’re looking to invest in a wood burner this winter, an Ecoready Design is pretty much essential.

Purevision stoves are designed to create the best combustion conditions for effective heat production and air circulation. These optimum conditions ensure you’re getting the most heat for your fuel, be it smokeless wood fuel and environmentally friendly peat pellets.

What’s the difference between a wood burner and a multi fuel burner?

Wood burners, be they stoves or fireplaces, are designed to just burn wood. They are designed with a fixed grate and no ashpan because wood burns best on a bed of ashes. On the other hand, multi-fuel burners can handle logs and various forms of pellet including peat and turn, in addition to smokeless fuels.

Purevision Stoves at The Fireplace Warehouse

At The Fireplace Warehouse we stock a huge range of Purevision stoves. Whether you want a traditional woodburning stove, a versatile multi fuel burner or even a next generation electric model, our range is sure to include the perfect fire for your home and budget.

Stuck for choice? Get in touch or request a call back from our knowledgeable team. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your new Purevision stove!