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Multi Fuel / Solid Fuel Stoves

Multi Fuel / Solid Fuel Stoves


Heat your home with your choice of fuel, when you purchase a multi-fuel stove from one of our leading brands

Multi Fuel & Solid Fuel Stoves

Multi fuel stoves are one of the most popular choices for householders who would like to install a real fire. A multi fuel burner can offer a clean and efficient system of burning with the aesthetic effect of flickering flames. Burning different varieties of solid fuels including wood, peat, turf, coal, anthracite or other smokeless briquettes and fuels, these stoves are an efficient heat producer.

At The Fireplace Warehouse, we are proud to boast a wide collection of multi fuel burning stoves available, meaning we are sure to have a stove that matched both your requirements and budget. So, what are you waiting for? Shop traditional and contemporary multi burner stoves at The Fireplace Warehouse now!

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  1. Stovax Chesterfield 5 Wide multifuel stove
  2. Penman Bassington Multifuel Stove
  3. Stovax Futura 5 Woodburning and Multi-Fuel Stove
  4. Dovre 250 multifuel stove
  5. Penman Panamera Multifuel Stove
  6. Stovax Chesterfield 5 multifuel stove
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Selecting one of our multi fuel stoves means you can have the option to burn either wood or a smokeless fuel, offering an efficient method of heating your home. Between 75 and 90 percent of the fuel used in these stoves is converted into heat for the room rather than escaping through the chimney as in the case of an open fire.

For more information on how a multi-fuel stove will fit into your interior, contact one of our specialists today on 0844 334 9655.


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  1. What can you burn in multi fuel stoves?

    1. Multi-fuel stoves can burn a variety of solid fuels including wood, peat, turf, coal, anthracite or other smokeless briquettes and fuels.

  2. What's the difference between multi fuel and wood burning stoves?

    1. A wood burning stove is only able to burn wood and no other fuels. In comparison, a multi-fuel stoves can burn wood and a variety of other fuel types. The Fireplace Warehouse also stock a wide variety of wood burning stoves.

  3. How long do multi fuel stoves last?

    1. If you regularly maintain your wood burning stove, it can last anywhere up to 40 years. The body of a stove is very durable and long-lasting.

  4. Can I leave my multi fuel stove door open?

    1. By leaving the door of your multi fuel/solid fuel stove open, you are putting the efficiency of your stove in jeopardy. By leaving the door open, a high percentage of the warm air produced by the stove is lost through the chimney. So, we strongly recommend leaving the door of your multi fuel stove closed, unless instructed.

  5. How to clean a multi fuel stove?

    1. Lighting your multi fuel stove can be a quick and easy process, providing that the correct procedures are followed. To begin, simply open the door of your stove and use a firelighter to ignite your fuel. Them, use kindling to cover this stack before placing more fuel into the stove. Keep adding fuel such as logs and coal when required to keep your stove lit and burning consistently.

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