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Flueless Gas Fires

Flueless Gas Fires


Flueless gas fires are the perfect solution for anyone looking for the warming touch of a traditional gas fire but without the need for a chimney or flue system. These versatile fires not only bring warmth to the room but also provide a focal point that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your room.

Flueless Fires

Traditional fires carry many constraints, which is why this genre of catalytic gas fires have been designed. They remove these restrictions, allowing any home to have the stunning and impactful addition of a fire. Flueless gas fireplaces do not require a chimney, meaning you also have the choice as to where you want to situate your fire. You could choose a place that will provide maximum visual impact, such as halfway up the wall in the centre of a room. Alternatively, you could tuck your inset flueless gas fire away discreetly in one corner, using it as an efficient method of heating.

Available in a vast range of styles, we are sure you’ll be able to find a fire that suits your individual taste and the design of your home. Whether you want something contemporary and minimalist or you require a model which will work well with a traditional design, there are catalytic converter fires to suit everyone at The Fireplace Warehouse.

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In our extensive range, you’ll find realistic flames have been incorporated into the design of these flueless gas fires, providing you with designs that are interesting and eye-catching. Not only do these flame-effects give a physical warming effect but they also evoke a cosy, welcoming feel that will radiate around the entire room.If you would like to enquire about one of our fireplaces, then get in touch with one of our team today on 0844 334 9655.

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  1. What does a flueless fire mean?

    1. A flueless fire operates without a flue, chimney or any pipes, with the fire emissions released out the top or the front of the appliance. Did you know The Fireplace Warehouse also stock contemporary wall hung flueless gas fires?

  2. Do flueless fires cause condensation?

    1. The background air temperature prevents most of the moisture from condensing, as it is dispersed by normal air movement.

  3. Do flueless gas fires need ventilation?

    1. Flueless gas fires do need ventilation. They require an air vent leading from the room where it is located to the outside.

  4. Are flueless gas fires safe?

    1. As long as your flueless gas fireplace is installed adhering to building requirements, and all
      manufacturer instructions are followed during the installation process, then it is a safe
      addition to any property.

      The catalytic converter makes these fires super clean and safe, even if your flueless gas fires
      wall mounted. On top of this, flueless inset fires also come equipped with a safety feature,
      that switches off the gas supply when a clean air supply isn’t available, for added safety.

  5. Are flueless gas fires warm?

    1. Yes! As flueless gas fires don’t have a chimney, there is less opportunity for heat loss
      meaning flueless fires are both energy and heat efficient.

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