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Chimney Flue Liners & Cowls

Providing effective and long-lasting protection, our liners are carefully designed to fit a number of different types of chimneys, meaning you can rest assured your chimney is of the upmost safety

Chimney Flue Liners & Cowls

Solid Fuel & Gas Flue Liners

As the UK’s top supplier of fireplace equipment, The Fireplace Warehouse has an extensive collection of the highest-quality, most competitively priced and hardest-wearing flue liners and chimney cowls available.

Flue liners are crucial for maintaining your fireplace and chimney, and the benefits of having one fitted are numerous. Liners act as a second skin or barrier within the chimney to protect brickwork and masonry and prevent flue gases from entering your home, which is particularly significant if you have an older or potentially faulty chimney. From chimney flue liners to chimney cowls and chimney caps, our range includes the most advanced and trusted products.