Coal & Fuel Buckets

Coal & Solid Fuel Buckets

You can’t beat a real fire when it comes to making a home feel warm and comfortable. The right accessories are essential for the easy, hassle-free maintenance of your fire and fireplace.

Top of any list of fireplace accessories must be coal scuttles and coal buckets. These can be essential when it comes to keeping your fireplace clean and tidy, preventing mess around your home, and keeping your fire going with the minimum amount of effort and fuss.

Coal scuttles can also be called coal hods and are characterised by their angled top, which makes scooping and pouring coal easy and mess-free. They are ideal for keeping a small supply of coal next to your coal fire, to boost your blaze and remove the need to keep unsightly stocks of fuel in your home.

Coal and fuel buckets, meanwhile, can have multiple uses. Again, they can be extremely useful as storage vessels, but they can also come into their own when it comes to cleaning out your fireplace in between those blazing fires.

They make it easy to transport coal from outside to inside, as well as around your home. This can be especially important if you keep most of your fuel away from your fire, perhaps in a shed or garage.

Coal buckets will help to minimise mess and damage to your carpets and soft furnishings, even if you have to carry your fuel some distance, and they can then be left beside the fire for when it needs more fuel adding.

Coal buckets and coal scuttles or hods can also make attractive additions to your fireplace. As well as their practical purposes, they can look stylish and add to the ambience of a room, even when they are not in use.

Choosing the right coal hods and buckets can really enhance the look of your fireside and there are many different designs and styles available, to complement your interior design choices.

If you want a traditional look, you could choose a rounded black coal bucket or scuttle, perhaps with elaborate detailing or brass handles for added charm.

Galvanised steel accessories, meanwhile, could be ideal for a more contemporary look, to complement a modern fireplace. How about a pastel or neutral-coloured enamelled bucket to create a cosy, vintage feel?

You can also choose whether to have a bucket with a lid or without. A lid can be handy when it comes to concealing unsightly fuel, firelighters and kindling but many people prefer the convenience of an open-top design. The choice is yours.